Our Story

Why we started BrewBox

BrewBox was started by us -  Henry and Dylan. We are both professional brewers and still very passionate home brewers. We started BrewBox with the goal of making home craft brewing accessible to anyone.

At the beginning of our home brewing journeys, we recall being daunted, finding out that there's more than one type of malt... you need to mill your grain... you need precise temperature control to make good beer... not to mention all the equipment we needed to buy.

Using our professional and home brewing experience and knowledge, we came up with the brewing method we wish we had when we started, and put it all into BrewBox. We drastically reduced the equipment you need, addressed the quality concerns, and made it so simple that anyone can do it.

Our ingredients

We choose from high quality Australian, New Zealand and European base and specialty malts to lend their integral characteristics to the beer style.

We then look to both traditional and new world hops. The traditional hops define some of the world's most well known beer styles. The new world hops range from intensely tropical to coconut and candy, and are the heroes of the Pale Ales and IPAs that we all know and love.

We choose our yeast based on its ability to produce great beer in broad range of temperatures. Kveik - a Norwegian farmhouse yeast is our go-to for its ability to produce clean beers at a super fast rate in our warm Australian climate.